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The Moscow Regional Dental Clinic has been conducting its medical and consultative appointment  for  66 years. 
Currently, in the GBUZ MO "MOSP" 73 dentists, of which
8 have academic degree
15 are certified for the highest and first categories,
35 nurses,
11 dental technicians,
27 non-medical personnel.

An important role in the establishment and approval of the status of the Moscow Regional Dental Clinic as an advisory center was played by the fact that such prominent scientists as A.I. Rybakov, A.L. Mashkillayson, V.N. Kopeikin, N.A. Plotnikov, F.Ya. Khoroshilkina, L.V. Petrova, A.A. Nikitin, V.I. Pyanzin, E.I. Abramova and others.

The work requires dentists from GBUZ MO “MOSP” to have in-depth knowledge not only in dentistry, but also general medicine, since patients with complex pathology of hard tooth tissues, periodontal and oral mucous membranes, manifestations of specific diseases in the oral cavity are sent from the Moscow region as well as with acute and chronic inflammatory processes, injuries, tumors, defects, deformations and malformations of the maxillofacial region, difficult conditions for dental prosthetics.

The unique services provided by the clinic are:
• Dental treatment under general anesthesia / sedation
• Bracket system alternative: Invisalign, Star smile
• Injection of botulinum neurotoxin into the MLS in patients with myofascial syndrome.
• Processing of periodontal pockets with the “Vector” device
• The use of laser technology in the field of surgery of the patients.
• The use of functional diagnostics for prosthetics of patients with problems of MFD.

You can find the full list of services here – price list.

How to get medical care in our clinic?

1.1 In the Moscow Regional Dental Clinic, foreign citizens and stateless persons are provided with primary health care and specialized medical care.
1.2 If it is necessary to receive medical assistance, a foreign citizen (stateless person) or his legal representative applies to the registry.
1.3 In order to provide medical assistance to a foreign citizen (stateless person), it is necessary to identify the identity of a foreign citizen (stateless person). In the identification process, the medical registrar performs the following actions:
1.3.1 Verification of a document proving the identity of a citizen (if necessary, a document confirming the authority of the legal representative accompanying him)
1.3.2 Recording of information about a citizen (accompanying his legal representative) in the software of the Moscow Regional Dental Clinic.
1.5 For foreign citizens, an identity document is a passport of a foreign citizen or another document established by federal law or recognized in accordance with an international treaty of the Russian Federation as an identity document.
1.6. For stateless persons, identification documents are:
• a document issued by a foreign state and recognized in accordance with the international treaty of the Russian Federation as an identity document of a stateless person;
• temporary residence permit;
• residence;
• other documents stipulated by federal law or recognized in accordance with the international treaty of the Russian Federation as identification documents of a stateless person.

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